Friday, March 26, 2010

Fanatic Fridays

This Friday, in honor of the holiday, I've decided to post a pdf of a pattern I used to crochet Easter baskets for my son and nephews.

It was very easy to adapt. I made one basket sort of shallow, one tall, and for the third one I'll probably make it really really wide and shallow.

I adapted the pattern a little bit to add handles. The last row says to slip stitch around the entire top of the basket. I went to halfway, chained 14, then continued slip stitching around. When I got to the end I chained 14 again, slip stitched into the first slip stitch, and fastened off.

I will definitely post pictures once I'm done crocheting lots of Easter eggs. You all can also be pretty confident that the next "Saturday Stitch" will be front post double crochet. (Back post too, probably.)

Have fun and remember to email the pictures of finished products to me ( and I'll put them up on the blog.

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