Friday, March 5, 2010

Fanatic Fridays

Welcome to a new segment of the blog. I buy a lot of crochet pattern books and magazines. I also try to frequent a lot of crochet blogs. I chose Ana Paula Rimoli as my first subject because she's got both. Her blog has plenty of free patterns, but her books are completely worth what they charge on Amazon. Her first book, Amigurumi World, focuses mainly on animals. There are a few patterns for food related toys. The owl pattern I've grown to love is in this book. I've also made the octopus pattern in here. They're just as cute. I asked to post the owl pattern here, in order to entice you all to buy the book. Ana was very gracious but had to say no because of copyright stuff.

Her second book, Amigurumi Two!, is full of twice as many cute patterns. This one also focuses on animals, but there are more baby toys in this book. I made the baby doll for my friend Liz's daughter and she sleeps with it every night. The doll was probably my favorite thing to make so far. It comes with a removable diaper. It's also easy to make 12-15 little granny squares and sew them together for a blankie for the doll.

Not only are these patterns unbelievably cute, they're so easy to follow. The owls take me maybe 2 hours (whenever I can get 2 uninterrupted hours!) to make. Her patterns are ingenious. It's easy to follow her patterns and make beautiful, handmade presents for friends and family. I get so many compliments on the ones I've made. I promise I'm not trying to be humble when I say that it's not my skill as a crocheter. It's entirely the ease of these patterns. I can't say enough nice things about her and her books.

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  1. You would still have to hold my know how I am. :-) I will keep an eye out on amazon for them. :-)