Friday, March 18, 2011

It's been a while.

I have plenty of patterns to share with you all. I'm also in the middle of setting up an etsy shop. I've started to knit as well. Sometimes it seems like there's this divide between yarn crafters, knitters get all high and mighty about their craft using the yarn more efficiently or whatever. They've both got their strengths. Knitting seems to make clothing better, it's much easier to get a decent drape to your work. Crochet is amazing for building 3-d things, or for making tough, sturdy fabrics (like in a purse). At any rate, I now love them both equally. There are certain things I know I will always knit from now on, and certain knitted things that I will crochet.

But hey, you guys can get free stuff from my knitting obsession! Just email submissions for a name for my knitting blog. Just be sure to google what you suggest so we can all be sure we don't steal someone else's ideas. First pick gets $50 worth of my crocheted stuff, second gets $25, and third gets $15. There have been some amazing submissions so far. I plan on making a decision tonight, so think quick and send on an email. Good Luck!

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