Friday, April 30, 2010

Updates and Freebies and Contests, Oh My!

I'm getting a nice chunk of sales from my Facebook page. Granted, all of them have been friends or internet friends (HULLO GOONS!) but it's still nice that people are willing to help someone they know get their stuff out there.

I've got a nice little stockpile of stuff made now, and I want to pass along some freebies to folks. I'd love to see a jump in followers on either this or my facebook page. Just tell whoever you refer to follow me to leave a comment somewhere saying you sent them. I'll even take a custom order as long as it won't take more than 1 skein's worth of yarn. (it can be multicolored, just not huge).

I would also love to give away something I've made to someone who genuinely appreciates what I'm doing here. Email me and tell me how I've helped you with crochet. If you've got a picture of something of mine you've made, send that along too! I'd like to get my name out there and I want to know this little bitty blog is helping folks.

Next post will be stitch related, I promise. :D Any requests for the next pattern in pictures?

1 comment:

  1. Hi! I recently started following your blog(found you on Ravelry) and I am also just getting into crochet, so I find your photos and patterns helpful! I haven't tried anything of yours yet, but I faved the "Beary Adorable hat" on Ravelry to try one day soon!