Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Saturday Stitch: Increase

I seem to be surrounded by people who can crochet but don't really get patterns. In some ways this is a good thing. My sister in law can just dream stuff up out of nowhere. I am just now barely getting into making my own patterns for things.

For those who feel stuck because you can't decipher patterns, I've decided to devote a day of the week to illustrating a stitch commonly used in patterns. This week it's increases. They are used to excess in any pattern involving anything wavy. Increases are a main component in Amigurumi.

The increase is essentially the same thing. It's two of a stitch in one spot. A single crochet increase (sc inc) is two single crochets in the specified stitch. A double crochet increase (dc inc) is 2 double crochet in one stitch.

The following pictures are of a single crochet increase:
And here is a pattern illustrating the double crochet increase:

Circle Potholders
abbreviations used: ch= chain, sl st= slip stitch, dc= double crochet

Ch 4. Join with a sl st to form a ring.
Round 1: Ch 2 (counts as first dc here and throughout), 9 dc in ring. 10 dc total.
Round 2: Ch 2, dc in same st. 2 dc in each stitch around. 20 dc total.
Round 3: Ch 2, 2 dc in next st, dc in next st. (2 dc, dc, 2 dc) around. 30 dc total.
Round 4: Ch 2, dc in next st. 2 dc in next st. (dc in next 2 st, 2 dc) around. 40 dc total.
Round 5: Ch 2, dc in next 2 st. 2 dc in next st. (dc in next 3 st, 2 dc) around. 50 dc total.
Round 6: Ch 2, dc in next 3 st. 2 dc in next st. (dc in next 4 st, 2 dc) around. 60 dc total.
Round 7: Ch2, dc in next 4 st. 2 dc in next st. (dc in next 5 st, 2 dc) around. 70 dc total.

Make 2.

With the wrong side of the potholders facing each other, line them up so the ch 2s are together. Start stitching them together here. Make sure to chain 1 so you have something to slip stitch into when you're done. This is very similar to putting granny squares together. You work only in the back loops of the stitches, slip stitching your way around the circles.

Another variation is to use single crochet to put them together. If you choose this option, put an extra single crochet every 6th stitch. It continues the increase (imagine that, you can now say you've worked a sc increase! It's really just 2 sc in one stitch. This pattern reading seems hard but it's not. If I can get it, anyone can.) and prevents the potholders from trying to become a hat.

When you get to where you started, ch 12. Slip stitch into that chain 1, and you're good to go. Cut the yarn and weave the ends in.

Bonus: This pattern is easily adapted to making simple hats. You work the potholder pattern until it is big enough to lay on top of the head of the person you're making it for. Then you just work as many rows even (no increases) until it's long enough for the person you're making it for. In the coming weeks I'll post a pattern for hats and that will have different options for borders and stuff.

As always, enjoy and email me with any questions or with pictures of stuff you've made. :D

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